About Us

The 3D Card – Masterpiece On The Paper 

On The Paper is a premier pop up card designer and manufacturer located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Founded in 2023, our young company builds on over a decade of paper engineering expertise to create delightful handmade 3D cards for consumers and retailers worldwide.

At On The Paper, we aim to globally foster meaningful connections through our handcrafted pop-up art. Our custom 3D cards go beyond traditional greetings, expressing love and appreciation for cherished ones. With top-notch materials and creative craftsmanship, we enhance celebrations of valuable relationships. Supporting our small business helps spread more smiles worldwide.

On The Paper strives to convey cherished messages of love, connection and warmth through exquisite craftsmanship.


3D Pop-up Card

On The Paper designs exquisite, delicately handmade 3D popup cards using highest quality textured craft papers sourced globally. Our ever-expanding card collections are meticulously assembled to impress all loved ones.

Find perfect paper sculptures for holidays like Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries plus everyday emotional connections. Choose from playful animal designs, floral motifs, famous painting renditions or abstract modern art styles.

With professional in-house artists and master paper engineers, we create magical moments through premium popup artistry conveying your caring messages in the most creative ways possible.”

Mica Artwork

Beyond paper pop-up sculptures, we craft intricate laser-cut art from UV-printed mica, a transparent mineral material. Color-coated with vibrant flexographic inks, the mica is precision-sliced into decorative ornaments. Our custom mica decor includes suncatchers, car hangings, pet mementos, holiday decorations, and more. These lightweight pieces serve as interactive window or Christmas tree adornments, beautifully catching light. Trusted by major e-commerce retailers like Etsy and Amazon, these innovative ornaments make delightful gifts. Contact us to create unique UV-printed mica artwares that captivate audiences.


Our manufacturing process leverages 3mm lightweight plywood sheets for crafting customized wood decor and gifts. Using advanced digital UV printing technology, we coat the smooth plywood in vivid full color graphics with precision lined patterns. High tech laser cutters then contour the wood into specialized shapes for merchandise like pen holders, jewelry displays, wall art, decorative magnets and more. We expertly engrave and sculpt the plywood into clients’ visions.

Partners trust our flawless full color plywood printing and intricate laser slice capabilities to create their innovative bespoke retail products at scale. The creative flexibility of quality plywood paired with our leading production technologies enables realizing unique artistic projects.


We use top-tier decal paper for vibrant full-color graphics through digital printing. Precise laser cutting shapes the stickers with accuracy for sharp edges. To boost durability, a waterproof laminate layer is added, protecting the vivid UV-printed colors without compromising details. This safeguards stickers from wear, maintaining their flawless look. This blend of full-color printing, intricate laser cutting, and waterproof lamination creates dynamic custom stickers, ideal for diverse professional applications and products.

Manufacturing – Mass Production Capabilities for Global Export

With our talented workforce of 50+ artisans and advanced modern production technologies, we boast manufacturing capabilities of over 50,000 hand crafted products per month out of Vietnam facilities.

Our scalable infrastructure allows effortlessly serving major worldwide retailers with bulk orders exported abroad to countries including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, UK and beyond.

In addition to premium quality, our dedicated bilingual support staff provides professional consultations for streamlined ordering, negotiable contracts, payment solutions, and global logistics handling from Vietnam to destination countries.

We proudly combine generations of traditional Vietnamese handicraft mastery with precision technologies enabling mass production of pop up cards, ornaments and other goods for international distribution. Discover the quality of ‘Made in Vietnam.