Kontum Wood Church, Kon Tum Province, Vietnam

Kon Tum Cathedral, also known as Kontum Wood Church, is located in Kon Tum City, Kon Tum Province, Vietnam. The church, built in 1913 by French priests, is now used as the cathedral, where the seat of the bishop of Kon Tum is located.

This church is based on Roman architecture combined with stilt house architecture of the Ba Na – Viet Nam combination of European style and culture of the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

The church is built entirely of handmade materials with pure wood, which accounts for the largest number of wood chips. The walls of the church are built of straw mortar, a traditional style house in central Vietnam.

In addition, the church also displays ethnic and religious products, sewing facilities, brocade weaving, orphanage.

Kon Tum Wooden Church is 100 years old, still preserving the harmony between Roman architecture and the Bana house.

Kon Tum Wooden Church
To the city of Kon Tum, from a distance, visitors have seen the wooden church bell tower with warm brown, prominent on the blue sky in the highlands. Through the small streets in the heart of the city, tourists walking on Nguyen Hue will go to the famous wooden church. Step into the cathedral, wide space, rows of polished black wood, make you feel small.
Kon Tum Wooden Church was built by a French priest in 1913, completed in 1918, located in the heart of the city. The works are hand crafted by artisans Binh Dinh, Quang Nam built by hand, combining Roman style and Bana style stilt house. This architectural style expresses the interference between Western Highlands culture and European culture. For nearly a century, the cathedral has shown no signs of deterioration and is becoming a popular tourist attraction of Vietnam.

The garden of the church has a high roof, the statue carved from the roots as a space to bring bold colors, especially, always open the door for visitors. In addition to the main cathedral, many other works are also very delicate and fine arts such as churches, guest houses, displays of ethnic and religious products.
Inside the church, the wooden column system, rui sesame although not engraved meticulously, but the pattern has shown the nature of the Central Highlands. In addition, the church also has an orphanage, handicraft facilities such as brocade weaving, embroidery … have created employment opportunities for many young adults.

– The sacred decoration of the peoples in the Central Highlands, close to daily life, still proves the sacred and solemn feeling.
Kon Tum province is characterized by high altitude, with dry and rainy seasons. Therefore, visitors intend to travel, visit the wooden church to begin the journey from September onwards. This is the time to finish the rainy season in dry season, the weather is green, pleasant.
– Kon Tum Wooden Church is an ideal place for you to travel in Kon Tum, Viet Nam.

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